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4 Imperatives for Regenerative Brands

Over the past year, our relationship with food has been transformed in ways that many of us have never known. We’ve become reacquainted with our kitchens during the lockdown. We’ve learned just how fragile our food supply chains are. And new insights on issues from food insecurity and injustice to the environmental impact of how we eat have us reconsidering our relationships with food and the brands that deliver it to our plates.

To help brands serve our appetite for better, healthier food, BBMG and GlobeScan’s report, Radically Better Food: 4 Imperatives For Regenerative Brands, explores new questions to understand what matters most for how we eat – now and for what’s next.

From our survey of 1,000 US consumers – plus a focus group of 100 food-focused consumers and in-depth interviews with brand leaders and industry experts – Radically Better Food paints a picture of consumers who are intrigued and excited by rapid innovations in the food industry, but have healthy skepticism as well. You’ll hear from people ready for new, more sustainable, equitable, and nourishing ways of eating – and who are seeking brands they can trust to deliver on these desires.

Key findings:

  • Sustainable food brands are gaining relevance, especially with the next generation. 59% of young people under age 30 often or always consider how responsible a brand is when choosing food and drinks, compared to 41% of people over age 30.
  • US consumers aspire to live sustainably. 78% would like to change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly by reducing their impact on the environment and the climate moderately or by a great deal.
  • Despite a growing desire for sustainable, healthy food, accessing or affording it isn’t always easy. 55% of US consumers wish sustainable products were more affordable.
  • US consumers are aware of – and ready for – a less wasteful, more circular food system. 84% see single-use plastic waste in the environment as a serious problem, and 74% want to reduce their food waste more in the coming year, topping the list of sustainable food-related practices that consumers hope to do more of.

From soil to store to packaging to plate, positive change is underway. The report features new data from our research, inspiring examples from food brands on the leading edge of innovative and regenerative systems change, and four imperatives for building Regenerative Brands – brands that are aware, additive, and alive in culture and creating a future worth savoring for all of us.

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On July 21, 2021, BBMG and GlobeScan hosted a 30-minute webinar to explore the report findings. The presentation was led by: