Webinar | Helping Consumers Make More Sustainable Choices During Tough Economic Times

Social and Environmental Values Increasingly Drive Consumers’ Choices, According to New Research

It’s been well documented that most people these days have high awareness of and concerns about sustainability issues. Yet far fewer are actually reflecting those values in their purchasing behaviour. How can we bridge this so-called ‘aspiration-action gap’, especially in the current global financial situation?

On 6 June 2023, GlobeScan and Fairtrade International hosted a webinar to explore consumers’ aspiration-action gap, the role of certifications in bridging this, and consumer expectations on which types of organisations are responsible for protecting human rights and the environment.

We presented findings from the latest GlobeScan and Fairtrade research across 12 countries, along with findings from GlobeScan’s Healthy and Sustainable Living survey. We also heard perspectives from Fairtrade Kenya on how South-to-South markets are engaging consumers on ethical certifications.

Speakers included:

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