Insight of the Week: Global Public Supportive of a Mix of Solutions for Climate Change and Nature

Across 31 countries, the general public widely supports a range of solutions that address climate change and protect nature. Together with nature-based solutions like protecting forests, people are most supportive of education on climate change and shifting to agricultural practices that protect nature. While a fossil fuels tax is rated relatively lower than other activities, it does not face outright opposition and, instead, earns support from more than two-thirds of the global public.

As Climate Week NYC concludes this week with discussions about climate action, this suggests that there is no “silver bullet” in the eyes of the general public and that investing in a range of tactics can be helpful to motivate and inspire action at scale.

Source: GlobeScan Radar Trends Report (survey of 29,565 people in the general public in July ‒ August 2023)​