Making the Just Transition a Reality

The Imperative for Government and Business

At the outset of a historic election year, farmers from Europe to India have hit the streets to demand relief from what they see as unfair climate change policies, bureaucracy, and crop prices while far-right parties are stirring a backlash against green policies around the world. These developments make it an opportune time to dig deeper into the public’s attitudes toward the green transition.

GlobeScan’s global public opinion research reveals that people around the world are now increasingly feeling the impact of the climate crisis and want progress toward a better future, with majorities everywhere wanting to see a transformation toward a green economy.

However, there is also a growing resistance to change in regions like North America and Western Europe as seen in the support of politicians opposing green policies and protests by European farmers, coupled with a widespread sentiment of anxiety where people everywhere feel they might be left behind in a rapidly changing world.

It is therefore essential for governments and businesses to lead a transition that is just and equitable, otherwise, it is likely that distrust and resistance will grow and progress will stall.

Based on a largely representative online survey of nearly 30,000 people across 31 countries and territories, Radar draws upon GlobeScan’s unique database of over two decades of polling public opinion about people’s outlook toward societal actors and the issues affecting them.