Webinar Recap: How Can Independent Labelling Enhance Trust in Brands?

New GlobeScan research for the Marine Stewardship Council has found that the majority of seafood consumers are engaged in the topic of ocean sustainability and believe brands and supermarkets should have their claims around sustainability independently verified. We recently hosted webinars in two different timezones to explore these findings and more from the world’s largest ever global analysis of attitudes to seafood consumption. Over 16,000 seafood consumers took part in this research, which ensured a statistically representative sample across 21 countries. … “Webinar Recap: How Can Independent Labelling Enhance Trust in Brands?”

Shoppers Expect Business And Government To Make Food Fairer

LONDON, UK – 17 August 2016 – A new survey, published today has revealed that the vast majority of British consumers believe it is the responsibility of businesses and the government to make food fair. The research shows 92% of shoppers said food companies should ensure food production is fair and sustainable, whilst 85% said they expected the government to take responsibility for this. Consumers also want the people who grow their food to be protected from unfair trade such as … “Shoppers Expect Business And Government To Make Food Fairer”

Infographic: Seafood Consumers Put Sustainability Before Price And Brand

On behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), GlobeScan has just released findings from a global analysis of attitudes to seafood consumption. Across 21 countries overall, the results show that sustainability is a key driver for seafood purchase globally. Seafood consumers consider sustainability  to be more important than price and brand, with nearly three-quarters (72%) agreeing that in order to save the oceans, shoppers should only consume seafood from sustainable sources. Furthermore, consumers are positive that the MSC, and the fishers, retailers and … “Infographic: Seafood Consumers Put Sustainability Before Price And Brand”

Seafood Consumers Put Sustainability Before Price And Brand

New independent research reveals global motivators to seafood purchase Consumers perceive NGOs and scientific organisations as contributing most to protecting oceans Independent certification increases consumer trust in brands Awareness of the blue MSC label is 37% amongst all consumers MSC-aware consumers say they will pay a premium of up to 11% for MSC labelled seafood  LONDON, 13 July 2016 – New global independent research has found that sustainability is a key driver for seafood purchase. Across 21 countries overall, sustainability is … “Seafood Consumers Put Sustainability Before Price And Brand”

Quantifying Global Interest in a Sustainable Food System

It’s not shocking that research by National Geographic and GlobeScan shows that consumers care deeply about the food they eat and about how it is produced. More troubling is that most feel alienated from the food system. Just one in four consumers globally feel empowered to influence the way that food is produced, while only four in 10 say they have some influence as consumers over what food is available to them when shopping, according to GlobeScan and National Geographic’s latest … “Quantifying Global Interest in a Sustainable Food System”

Generation Fairtrade: Taking Action

Following on from our first and second blogs on young people’s expectations of business and their views on the future for Fairtrade, we take a look at teenagers who are willing to take action to spread the word and get involved in good causes. The infographic below highlights some of the findings from our recent study with UK teenagers (aged 13-20 years old) focused on the role of companies in society. Known as “Generation Fairtrade” – because they have grown up with … “Generation Fairtrade: Taking Action”

Recognizing Leaders: Bob Langert, McDonald’s

Bob Langert is the Vice President of CSR and Sustainability at McDonald’s. Bob leads on global sustainability efforts and works with McDonald’s system to grow their business by making a positive difference in society. McDonald’s has Five Sustainability Pillars: Food, Sourcing, Community, People and Planet. He and his team collaborate with internal leadership to integrate sustainability in day-to-day operations and decision-making. Bob’s team is responsible for ongoing sustainability reporting and works with a variety of external stakeholders. GlobeScan co-CEO Chris Coulter … “Recognizing Leaders: Bob Langert, McDonald’s”

Changing Food Habits: Immobilized Greendex Segment

Segmenting the Market Using the 2014 Greendex Data This is the last in a series of four short articles that examine the potential for more sustainable consumer behavior within the food category. Again, we draw on the Greendex 2014 study of consumers in 18 countries, conducted with National Geographic, to mine for insights to help governments, companies and NGOs unlock further change. Greendex Article Series Our first installation of the series described the “Moveable Masses” segment, largest of the five groups that … “Changing Food Habits: Immobilized Greendex Segment”