Webinar | Rebuilding with Shared Value in The Great Reset

In the face of a prolonged pandemic and downturn, today’s burning question is not whether business needs to adapt to better serve society, but exactly how to start redesigning. In 2021, what actions do people expect from businesses? How can business adapt and foster more inclusive, sustainable growth, starting today? As a follow up to our 2020 webinar together, Shared Value Project Hong Kong and GlobeScan hosted a webinar discussion on 17 February 2021 to explore how the ‘New Normal’ … “Webinar | Rebuilding with Shared Value in The Great Reset”

Webinar | How to Build a Radically Better Future

Next gen insights, strategies and real world brand examples from BBMG, GlobeScan, Dave’s Killer Bread, and General Mills Our latest study finds people under age 30 are ready for a radical renewal of our economy and eager for bold brand leadership on issues from climate action to social justice. So how do we meet their needs? And what does leadership look like? On 9 February 2021 we hosted a webinar exploring headlines from BBMG and GlobeScan’s global public opinion study, perspectives … “Webinar | How to Build a Radically Better Future”

Insight of the Week: Urgency of Societal Challenges

Urgency of Societal Challenges % of Experts, “Urgent” (4+5), 2011–2020​​​ The perceived urgency of acting on climate change has been steadily increasing over the last decade among those surveyed in GlobeScan and SustainAbility’s survey of sustainability professionals, with 94 percent of respondents now saying that the challenge is “very urgent.” Climate, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and poverty have been consistently seen as the greatest social and environmental challenges facing the global community, but 2020 has also seen a dramatic rise … “Insight of the Week: Urgency of Societal Challenges”

Webinar | Business & Society: Latest Societal Trends and Corporate Leadership

On 29 September, GlobeScan hosted a webinar to help better understand the evolving social contract between business & society as we navigate challenging and disruptive times. GlobeScan shared some of its latest Radar trends from its new 27-country public opinion study on views of business, government and NGOs, issues tracking, and shifting societal expectations. The following panel of diverse senior corporate leaders discussed the implications for companies: Francesca DeBiase, Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer, McDonald’s Mzilla Mthenjane, Executive Head, … “Webinar | Business & Society: Latest Societal Trends and Corporate Leadership”

Report: Stakeholders Rate Corporate Purpose in Time of Crisis

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with a spotlight on inequality, expectations for companies are shifting. The current circumstances make for an important test of corporate purpose. In summer of 2020, GlobeScan partnered with the Test of Corporate Purpose (TCP) initiative, a project to assess how purpose-driven companies respond in a time of severe global crises and test if they truly “walk the talk” in delivering value for all stakeholders. This research also explored institutional priorities and performance … “Report: Stakeholders Rate Corporate Purpose in Time of Crisis”

Trust in Institutions: A GlobeScan Insight Report

Trust in government, business, media, and science has increased as people look for leadership As people look for guidance and hope for solutions during the pandemic and the resulting economic recession, GlobeScan’s Radar survey of 27,000 people across 27 countries shows that trust in institutions such as national government, global business, and press and media has increased compared to 2019. Trust in scientists has also continued to increase, while trust in the medical profession (asked for the first time in … “Trust in Institutions: A GlobeScan Insight Report”

New Global Poll Documents the Pandemic’s Impact on Inequality

Six months on from The World Health Organization officially declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic, a new global poll conducted for the BBC World Service shows that the impact of the pandemic has had a more severe impact on people in poorer countries and has exacerbated existing inequalities both within and across countries. Gen Z have also disproportionately experienced financial hardship as a result of the pandemic. The poll of 27 countries was conducted by GlobeScan in June 2020 during the … “New Global Poll Documents the Pandemic’s Impact on Inequality”

Global Insights to Help Navigate a Changing World

Global business leaders have been focused on responding to one of the most sweeping set of crises in recent memory. Many leadership lessons will come out of COVID-19. These lessons will form the basis of significant organizational change and inform corporate planning for generations to come. For the time being, many questions remain for sustainability and public affairs / communications executives alike who are seeking to navigate a rapidly changing world: How are expectations toward the role of business shifting … “Global Insights to Help Navigate a Changing World”

Best of 2019 Highlights

As we come to the end of the year, we close out 2019 with a review of our ten most widely read posts of the year. The GlobeScan community gravitated toward our contributions on the Sustainable Development Goals, corporate purpose, transparency, wildlife conservation, sustainable lifestyles, and leadership. We enter the next decade with an energized sense of living our purpose of building trusted leadership to create a better future.  We look forward to working together in 2020 to help build … “Best of 2019 Highlights”

The 2018 State of Inclusive Business Survey: Insights from Stakeholders | Report

About the Survey GlobeScan and Business Call to Action (BCtA) partnered to launch the 2018 State of Inclusive Business Survey to help advance core business activities that are inclusive of low-income populations and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report provides practical insights for companies on inclusive business, and identifies drivers of inclusive business motives and likelihood to commit. Stakeholders who took part in this study are all from BCtA’s own database of members and contacts, … “The 2018 State of Inclusive Business Survey: Insights from Stakeholders | Report”