Celebrating 30 Years of GlobeScan With a New Look

GlobeScan new look - Building trusted leadership to create a better future

Since 1987, GlobeScan has been providing evidence-led strategy to companies, NGOs and governmental organizations. While our work will continue to be based on insights and advisory support to help our clients around the world build more trust with their stakeholders, our ambition and focus have evolved with changing times.
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new look website which kicks off GlobeScan’s fourth decade. We have repositioned our purpose to be about “building trusted leadership to create a better future,” which aligns with the new realities facing our clients and the need for progressive leaders to drive positive change.
In these uncertain times defined by low trust in institutions, rapid technological change, hyper transparency and a growing list of emerging trends to respond to, understanding the expectations, concerns and hopes of stakeholders has never been more strategic.
We believe that at its core, an organization’s success is dependent upon its relationships with a range of audiences – customers, investors, regulators, NGOs, communities, suppliers and employees.
Our commitment is to be ever-better partners to secure the long-term success of our clients and help them develop the social capital necessary to become the leaders that we need in order to address the economic, environmental and social challenges facing the world today.
We encourage you to explore our new look and let us know if you have suggestions for how we can be more valuable agents of change.