Seafood Consumers Want Less Pollution and More Fish in the Sea

Shoppers Change Buying Habits Amid Rising Eco-Anxiety About the Future of Oceans

GlobeScan is pleased to have recently completed a second comprehensive study of seafood consumers globally for The Marine Stewardship Council. We surveyed more than 25,000 consumers in 22 countries and found that a large majority of consumers are increasingly demanding independent verification of sustainability claims in supermarkets (72% this year compared to 68% in our first study in 2016).

Key Findings from the 2018 Seafood Consumers Study:

  • 70% of seafood consumers say that they would like to hear more from companies about the sustainability of their seafood.
  • Pollution and overfishing are consistently the most concerning ocean issues in the 22 countries surveyed.
  • 72% agree that in order to save the oceans we need to consume seafood from sustainable sources.
  • An increasing number believe that people should be prepared to switch to another type of fish if it is more sustainable (70% in 2018, up from 68% in 2016).
  • 83% agree that we need to protect seafood for future generations.
  • Globally, trust in the MSC remains high and awareness of the MSC label has increased.

Speaking about the research, Associate Director at GlobeScan, Abbie Curtis commented:

“In a world of increasing consumer pessimism, people are looking for messages of hope and reassurance. We are happy to see that the theme of protecting seafood for future generations resonates strongly with consumers in all 22 countries surveyed. We’re also seeing that, in a low trust environment, consumers are increasingly looking to third parties to verify sustainability claims. This finding is consistent with a growing body of evidence from across GlobeScan’s work with retailers and non-profit clients.”

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About Seafood Sustainability Research

Since our first survey for MSC in 2016, the global consumer landscape has shifted. Explore the infographic on the 2018 findings below, and read the full press release to explore findings from the study to understand what consumers think and expect, and to find out how these insights can inform your strategies and contribute to sustainable business practices.

Seafood Sustainability Infographic

MSC GlobeScan Seafood Consumers Survey 2018 Infographic