Webinar Recap | All In: The Future of Business Leadership, featuring Interface and Unilever

All In: The Future of Business Leadership

To have a fighting chance of enduring success, businesses can no longer be half-hearted or tentative about sustainability. They now have to go All In.
On October 10, we hosted a webinar with the authors of All In: The Future of Business Leadership, the new book that provides corporate leaders with the inspiration and guidance they need to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges of sustainability leadership.
In this webinar, moderated by Christina Wong, Director, SustainAbility, the authors shared the key findings of the book, and had a rich, contextual discussion and Q&A with two special guest speakers:

  • Erin Meezan, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Interface
  • Jeff Seabright, Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever

Written by three leading thinkers in the field of sustainability – David Grayson (Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at the Cranfield School of Management), Chris Coulter (CEO, GlobeScan) and Mark Lee (Executive Director, SustainAbility) – All In identifies the essential attributes of high-impact corporate sustainability leadership and describes how companies can combine and apply those characteristics for future success.
Find below the full webinar presentation deck, recording, and shorter clips of the different sections of the webinar.
Download the Presentation slides

Watch the full recording:

Watch the authors discuss their book:

Watch Erin Meezan’s presentation:

Watch Jeff Seabright’s presentation:

Watch the panelist discussion and Q&A:

We are also pleased to give you complimentary access to a chapter from the book on Interface’s journey as a leader in sustainability, from Ray Anderson’s epiphany on the need to embrace sustainability to its present campaign to reverse global warming. You can access it here.
And finally, we are pleased to share with you a limited time 30% discount on the purchase of the book. Order your copy here and use code AI227 to secure your discount by 31st December 2018.