Creating Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities: Perspectives from the SDG 11 Leadership Forum

green infrastructure in sustainable cities

Creating Sustainable CommunitiesSDG Goal 11 Leadership Forum
hosted by GlobeScan / TD Bank Group

Read the full report from our online discussion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.
Learn from the perspectives of 150 guest contributors who explored the critical role that green infrastructure and urban green spaces can play in building sustainable cities and communities. The focus of the forum was to explore the challenges faced by North American urban centres.

What is Sustainable Development Goal 11?

SDG 11 aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
SDG Forum 11 discussion experts included:

  • Government
  • Civil Society
  • Private Sector

Discussion Summary

There are a number of challenges facing urban centres and a multitude of potential opportunities to overcome these challenges. Sustainable, liveable cities require a collaborative and thoughtful approach to urban design and urban living that prioritizes climate-resilient infrastructure, inclusion, and accessible urban green spaces.
Our discussion highlighted the many benefits of green infrastructure and green spaces, including climate resiliency, physical health, and social cohesion. A number of inspiring examples were shared that demonstrate how green infrastructure can meaningfully contribute to sustainable living. These shared experiences help to inspire and inform future initiatives and demonstrate the level of commitment, creativity, and innovation that are needed to help to propel these initiatives and catalyze action.

Key Learnings

Experts shared actionable insights that should be prioritized in overcoming barriers and implementing green infrastructure and inclusive green spaces:

  1. Fostering multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships.
  2. Facilitating innovative funding/financing tools and techniques.
  3. Identifying and utilizing measurement tools to value green spaces.
  4. Engaging communities and encouraging civic-led initiatives.

The SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 11 demonstrates the significant potential for collaboration and innovation to drive green infrastructure and inclusive green space initiatives, and contribute to creating sustainable, liveable cities. Continuing to foster inclusive and diverse dialogue can help to build on best practice and scale collaborative efforts.

Cities need a lot of things to be liveable—affordable housing, strong transportation, arts, culture, and of course green spaces. There are so many reasons why we need green spaces—they help clean the air, moderate temperatures, mitigate storm water, and of course, they are essential for our physical and emotional health.
– Carolyn Scotchmer, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, TD Bank Group

SDG 11 Forum Report

Read the full report to find out more about the discussion hosts, GlobeScan and TD Bank Group, characteristics of sustainable cities, challenges facing liveable cities, making the case for green infrastructure, case studies, barriers and solutions to this complex issue.
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