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Partnerships for Progress: Perspectives from the 2018 Unilever-GlobeScan SDG Leadership Forum

Unilever SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Caroline Holme

sustainable development goal #17 discussionSDG Goal 17 Leadership Forum

Discussion on Sustainable Development Goal 17:
Partnerships for the Goals

In March 2018, over 300 stakeholders from 39 countries joined GlobeScan and Unilever for the SDG Leadership Forum for Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.  The event was a global, online, text-based discussion, held over two sessions during the day, with seventeen guest panelists invited to contribute to the dialogue.

Sustainable Development Goal #17 aims to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise global partnership for sustainable development.

Our discussions focused on the impact partnerships can have in the provision of new models of financing the Goals and in empowering small-scale social entrepreneurs to scale up innovations to help achieve the SDGs.

We’ve analyzed more than 1,150 comments and examples of partnerships and have summarised the findings in this Report which is available to download.

As Paul Polman says in his Introduction to the report, “Platforms like this SDG Leadership Forum give us an opportunity to learn from each other, inspire fresh thinking and share best practice examples to turn ideas into actions. Collaborations like this are so critical in enabling us to achieve the Goals.”

download the report

About the Sustainable Development Goal Forum Series

The GlobeScan SDG Leadership Series is an open, online set of interactive events for stakeholders, hosted in the spirit of Goal #17: Revitalizing Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development.

Over the next two years we are scheduling further Forums with hundreds of stakeholders across the world. Each Forum will focus on one global goal, connecting stakeholders to share ideas and action for making progress on the SDGs. Stay up to date on all future events by registering and selecting Global Goals that you are interested in.

Learn more about future SDG Forums here.

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